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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon, everybody. i am ryan florez. today, there were some serious questions about the integrity of evidence at the santa clara county climb lab. advocates say their troubled after receiving a notice from the district attorney's office that alerted them on sunday, march 6, a crime lab refrigerator malfunction causing temperatures to sort to 1070. the concern is that blood samples of people accused in drug and alcohol crimes were stored in the fridge. the issue also went undetected for more than 24 hours. >> it's an alarm and a concern
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that systems can fail, things can go wrong and people will be impacted. >> i don't think anyone can be seen to have dropped the ball when a condenser breaks. those things will happen. it's very disappointing the notification system didn't work. >> reporter: the da's office says the files were not affected because of pervert -- because of preservatives used in the files but the electronic system that should have warmed -- warned the crime lab of an issue failed. the email got stuck in the out box with thousands of other emails. the software bug has been fixed and additional checks have been instituted. defense attorneys request their own testing of the samples in question. highway 101 to silicon valley and san francisco is one
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of the busiest freeways in the bay area but a ridesharing company hopes to change that. lyft has partnered with the 511 ride match to launch lyft carpool. all you have to do is download the app, putting your information and route and it paris you with a commuter or a driver. unlike uber, you only pick up one commuter but drivers can make $4-$10 per trip. one customer we spoke with says this is an option she would consider but she still needed some convincing sense she uses a competitor. >> usually, more uber but sometimes lyft if uber is too expensive. when uber is not i could, i go through lyft. >> they hope the service eases congestion and they hope to expand the service to other cities. the goal being that carpooling needs to be utilized more. only 10% of bay area residents carpool. oakland police kicked off
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an effort to promote pedestrian safety by focusing on dangerous intersections and ticketed both drivers and pedestrians violating traffic laws police say they were looking for reckless drivers including those who were speeding and making illegal turns. oakland police have investigated 876 deadly injury crashes between cars and pedestrians in the last three years. president obama commuted the sentences of 61 drug offenders this this morning -- this morning. more than a third of the inmates are serving life sentences, some under sentencing guidelines that even judges said were too harsh. must on online -- or nonviolent offenders. sentences will now be shortened and most will be released at the end of july. the president also met with some people who had their sentences previously reduced to see how their lives are changing. a new pr offenses for donald trump after his campaign manager was charged with
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roughing up an reporter. hillary clinton turns her attention to reporters in new york, going head to head with bernie sanders and donald trump. joe waldman has the latest from washington. >> reporter: gop front-runner donald trump defending his campaign manager after surveillance video shows him apparently grabbing a reporter asked she approached trump at a rally in jupiter, florida. trumpet instead laming her. >> it's that she is a very aggressive person who was grabbing at me and touching me. maybe i should file charges against her. maybe i should say my arm has never been the same. >> reporter: at a town hall last night, senator ted cruz smelled blood. >> i think there is no place in politics for insults, personal attacks, going to the gutter and there should be no place for physical violence. >> reporter: ted cruz fresh off a new endorsement from scott walker. hillary clinton also looking to win the badger state as she
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tries to pivot toward the general election. >> i think it's important when you go to vote on tuesday to think about what the real prize here is. the real prize is winning in november i beating the republicans, whoever they nominate. >> reporter: in renton's -- clinton's first report, she is aiming at two other candidates with strong ties to the empire state: bernie sanders and donald trump. >> this is new york and we know better. >> reporter: clinton is hosting three events today. officials in santa clara county are asking for feedback from people interested in unusual housing for homeless people. there will be a proposal for modular homes that could house as many as 170 people. the temporary homes would be placed on a six the temporary homes would be placed on a 6
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acre site in san jose in a neighborhood being used for boat and rv storage county leaders say it will be a village and not a camp. the community meeting will be at the scottish rights center. police in berkeley are searching for whoever killed five animals near the marina. the animals killed include a feral cat, a possum and three raccoons. they were discovered on saturday afternoon. police believe three of the animals had been shot and killed by a pellet gun and two others have an unknown illness and were taken to berkeley animal care services. one animal was euthanized and the other died shortly after being taken to the shelter. we are still awaiting toxicology results. a plan to restrict areas for off leash dog walking is still understood -- under discussion. dog owners held up paper plate signs in protest.
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there are people who support the plan saying it is a reasonable compromise. >> most of the time, people are walking their dogs and they are responsible. everything is fine but every now and then, there is an uncontrollable off leash dog and the birds have to use their energy to move around and it disrupts the natural environment. >> under the proposed plan, the park service would limit dogs running off leash in certain areas including ocean beach, crissy field, baker beach and fort funston. another meeting will be held in sausalito tonight. sonoma county supervisors have approved a sweeping new law that will set a minimum price for cigarettes sold in the county. in 2018, all packs of cigarettes must be sold for at least seven dollars. businesses will also have to buy annual tobacco license sales licenses -- annual tobacco
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sales licenses. silicon valley companies along with mayors in other cities are joining the fight against the north carolina anti- lgbt law. apple, disney and google are among 80 businesses who want the law repealed. mayor ed lee already banned any nonessential trial -- travel and the mayors of seattle, new york city and the governor of new york are doing the same in response to a law signed by the governor last week, which eliminates antidiscrimination protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. the north carolina governor says his state has been victim to a nationwide smear campaign and if he didn't sign the law, it would infringe on privacy. the last snow survey of the year. critical results will let us know just how much of the drought's damage has been undone.
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and a sudden death. the unlikely way a beira -- a bay area dad lost his life.
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a judge in cyprus has ordered the egyptian man
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accused of hijacking a plane yesterday to remain in custody for eight days. you can see the man getting out of a car and being led away by police here. authorities say he is psychologically unstable and that he was wearing a fake explosives belt and forced the plane, headed to cairo, to land in cyprus before surrendering after three hours of negotiations. a passenger even posed for a picture with him during the time. >> this guy was so cool. i asked for a picture and he took the picture. >> no one was hurt during the stalemate and last night, the hijacked passengers arrived safely at the airport in cairo. the suspected hijacker reported female passengers be released in egypt and asked authorities to take a letter to his ex-wife. there will be an investigation into how he got the fake explosives for security. the french president is backing off a plan to revoke the
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citizenship of convicted terrorists. the bill also would have strengthened the state of emergency put in place after the paris terror attacks last november. the plan to revoke citizenship with dual nationality terrorists set off a debate in the country. conservatives applauded the idea while some on the left said it divided the country. a silicon valley man's family is in mourning after the tech executive died while trying to save his daughter from electrocution in a swimming pool. a gofundme page has been set up for the family of jim tramel. he died on sunday in palm springs. police say he jumped into the pool to save his nine-year-old daughter, who was suffering from electric shock because of faulty wiring. jim tramel was also electrocuted and had to be pulled from the pool. his daughter is in critical condition and another young girl who was also shocked is also in the hospital.
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we are about to get a better idea of if el niƱo has helped california's drought. the most significant survey of the snow season was held a few months ago. tom vacar is live off the scene. >> reporter: here's what's going on. 58.8 inches here. that is about 90%-95% of normal here. statewide, we are below 90% of normal. we have lost just a very little bit of snow and water here but the reality is we are not at our average and if we are going to bust this drought, we have to be well above average. there are 300 places around the state where they measured directly like we did today or they have electronic monitoring going on. the situation is really
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straightforward. we are below where we should be. that doesn't mean we didn't get a lot of help for the reservoirs didn't get a lot of water. all of that is true but if we are talking about busting the drought, we are nowhere close to that. it's likely some level of water restrictions will remain in place even in places with plenty of water because the water is sometimes shared. the situation is they are not looking for any miracles in april. we may get some snow and rain but nothing on the level of what we would need unless there is something billy out of sorts that no one is predicting. as a result, the good news is we are we better off than we were. the bad news is we are nowhere close to busting this drought. officials in water districts of northern california are hoping to hear water restrictions will be relaxed although at this point, it doesn't seem likely.
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conditions caused by the five- year drought have improved after the rain and snow over the past few months. there were more than 200 electronic sensors in the sierras that continually show snowpack levels greatly improved from last year. most major cities in northern and central california had average rainfall this winter. the state water board is scheduled to decide in may of water rationing should continue through next summer. mark tamayo in our weather center. >> some glad that there but overall pretty nice. we are expecting more sunshine this afternoon. we have been locked in this quiet weather pattern the past couple days. hyundai, we had thunder storms across the bay area. here is our live camera looking out toward san francisco bay with the clouds starting to clear out, revealing more sunshine over the san francisco bay. looks like summer with fog
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regrouping from the morning hours and pulling back to the shoreline. you can see some of the activity across the state. we have a pretty good onshore breeze. we will keep things cool post side with overcast skies near san francisco. current numbers showing 60s out there but most areas in the mid- 50s to lower 60s for your 12:00 hour. san jose 610 santa rosa 580 and some 60s toward concord and fairfield. partly to mostly sunny today, fog thursday morning. warm inland and a dry weekend, especially saturday. today, patchy fog to start the day. high pressure building offshore and with that, the stormtrac being pushed north. for now, but that could change by next week. by monday our next system could
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generate rainfall across parts of rthern california. in the short-term, near 60s for the coast, inland and upper 60s. temperatures trending up over the next few days. this afternoon, some patchy coastal fog. tomorrow morning, 7 am a big blanket of clouds over a big portion of the bay. clouds gradually clear back to the shoreline so now exciting changes over the next few days with temperatures in the low to mid-60s with locations approaching 700. san jose 690, gilroy 700, santa cruz mid-60s. here is your five day forecast. fog regroups once again thursday morning and into friday morning. saturday looks like a very nice day with patchy overcast for the morning hours, clearing skies for the afternoon, partly sunny and increased high clouds late in the day sunday. by monday, the return of rain
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clouds across parts of the bay area. friday has been great. we're getting rainfall, brakes and possibly more rain next week. that could add to the sierra snowpack and keep this season happening. >> we definitely need more snow. it doesn't look like it's going to help our drought to well. >> it's weird because we want a lot of rain and snow but we don't want too much because we can't handle it. in general, this year has been a huge step in the right direction. a new audit of the university of california admissions claims enrollment policies favor out-of-state students who pay higher tuition. the 10 campuses had about 252,000 students last year and the audit says the number of nonresident accepted has jumped by 18,000 in the past five years, an increase of 82%. the percentage of students from california dropped by 1%. the auditor says it's easier for out-of-state students to be
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accepted but school officials disagree. students we talked to say it's hard for anyone to get into a you see school. >> i had a 3.88. i know people who have over a 4.0 that didn't get in. >> i know they have a cap on how many out-of-state students they can accept and all the ones i've met, i feel like it's harder for them to get him. >> the audit recommends the university conduct a cost to study at least every five years to determine how much money it needs to operate. it also suggests the state legislator put a limit on nonresident enrollment. officials expect to increase the number of in-state students by 10,000 now that the university is getting more money from the state. 17 of the 25 most expensive zip codes in the u.s. are found right here in california. the website property shark put together this latest ranking. a neighborhood in new york located in the hamptons is
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number one. 94027 zip code is number two. the 111 homes sold there last year had a median price of $5.9 million. of the top 25 most expensive zip codes, burrowing game had the most expensive homes at just over $2.2 million to extract the oakland a's are spreading some left. so they surprised some lucky writers this morning.
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stocks are rising on wall street. take a look at the big board. it's about 116 for dow, s&p 500 up about 12 and nasdaq about 34 points up to extract baseball is right around the corner and some lucky bart riders got some surprises. i want some free tickets. the stompers road bart to give out free tickets as part of the a's spirit week. >> were you just running to work? >> fortunately i was running a little late but this is great.
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i got two tickets to the game, i cool hat. i am so excited. >> if you missed out on the freebies, there is still five dollar tickets available for that wednesday night game. the a's season opener is on monday but first, there is still some exhibition ball. the bay bridge game starts at at&t park tomorrow. some changes, a higher and wider safety net will help protect fans without blocking the view and you definitely won't go hungry at the game with lots of new menu items from british singers and mash to tater tots -- bangers and mash, to tater tots. >> we did research to see what people wanted to eat. >> getting hungry. other new options include sicilian deep dish pizza and a
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breakfast panini served all day. the warriors will try to break a franchise record tonight by winning their 60th game of the season. they beat the washington wizards last night 102-94. steph curry had 26 points including that jam) the first quarter. unreal. that goes along with six three- pointers as well. raymonde green was just shy of another triple-double. the devils are now 67-7. you can now reserve tickets for san francisco's new professional soccer team. >> it's the biggest sport in the world and the best for here. >> they are called the san francisco deltas and they released this video yesterday. they will join me north american soccer league starting
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next february. big changes to the social media app instagram. now the photo sharing app is following in the steps of its parent company facebook by creating a way to support more video. what changes users can expect to see. we thank you for choosing ktvu for your news. we are always here on . enjoy the rest of your wednesday.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> five months after lamar odom nearly died, he's back in a bar. >> he had three remy martins within less than an hour of being there. >> the kardashians and his family are worried. he says i could have a couple of drinks. >> the fact of the matter what happens when you drink, you start making bad judgment calls eventually. >> yeah, but pizza, not cocaine. >> britney spears in hawaii. this woman, her body is on point. >> she's back with like snake body. >> it's pretty close, snake body. >> what the hell is that? >> you just draw that snake. [laughter] dax, you're so weird! >> tim tebow was on fox news and they asked him if he would ever


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